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Places I’ve Worked

Present: Helping the World Bank expand OpenTraffic. Thinking about what “open data” actually means/does, and how public and private entities collaborate in creating a shared digital understanding of the world. PoV: Consumer technologies are rewiring democracy and the governance of public goods. O_o

2015-2016: Spent a year as “entrepreneur-in-residence” at Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs. Made so many slide decks about the future of transportation. PoV: The future will be an interesting place to live.

2013-2015: Co-founded Conveyal with several OpenPlans colleagues. Continued to work with some of the finest civil servants in four continents. Helped build Transport Analyst and launched OpenTraffic in collaboration with colleagues from the World Bank. PoV: Helping government get better at technology is harder than it looks.

2011-2013: Co-directed the transport group at OpenPlans. Worked with the team that created OpenTripPlanner, and spent a lot talking with people about GTFS. Got to work with the finest civil servants in four continents. PoV: If you want to see the future of transportation visit Manila.

2009-2011: Software developer and project manager at the Sunlight Foundation. Learned many interesting things about how the government actually works from some very smart and thoughtful people. Also scraped a lot data out CSV files, and even more from poorly structured HTML. PoV: Democracy is hard to maintain, but also important.

2008: Software developer supporting Dan Ariely and Bank of America’s collaboration at the MIT Media Lab’s Center for Future Finance. I was hired by BofA the day after Lehman Bros. failed. It was a short but interesting experience. Explored behavioral finance and ways technology can help people build wealth. PoV: We can also help people build wealth by outlawing extractive practices within the consumer finance sector.

2003-2008: Partner in an industrial design firm. Created robots for artists, surgeons and jet engine manufactures, and prototyped toys and new body parts for people. PoV: Building hardware is a lot harder than building software, but much more spiritually satisfying.

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